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Practical use of new forming process for metal parts.
11 companies including component manufacturers in Hiroshima.
Concave-convex inside by one-shot press.
A group consisting of automotive component manufacturers in Hiroshima such as Kubota Iron Works Co., Ltd. (Aki-ku, Hiroshima-city) manufacturing transmission components is ready to implement practical use of "One-shot hollow and flange forming technology"(first time in the world), which enables forming of concave-convex (different steps) inside the hollow structural metal. The group expects drastic cost reduction and aims to develop the business to various industries such as aircraft and shipping, which use Transmissions.

Business development to aircraft & shipping industries

Forming internal concave-convex enables reduction of weight, while maintaining the strength of metal parts. New forming technology is developed for steel main shaft binding transmission gears which require the strength.
It is the features that by stamping from five directions, the steel shaft external is formed, and simultaneously the internal hollow with different steps is formed. It accomplished the accuracy to enable the forming in the unit of 5/1000 mm.
The weight will be reduced by approx.30% compared with the steel shaft without different hollow steps and the working process will be also reduced. Thus, the manufacturing cost will be reduced by approx. 30%. Conventionally, after external forming by press machine, the internal hollow was formed by a separate machine, however different steps were not formed inside the hollow.

In April, 2002, Kubota Iron Works Co., Ltd. established "The United Enterprising Research Association for Chugoku region" of 11 companies mainly consisting of component manufacturers which have business relations, and continued technical development of hollow forming. In early July, this development activity was nominated as a "New collaboration measures assignment program" of METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), and shifted to Program promotion committee. The committee consisted of 7 companies in Hiroshima such as Sigma Co., Ltd. (Kure-city ) manufacturing metal, Hamada Corporation (Fuchu-cho, Hiroshima-prefecture) engaging in machining and 1 company each from Tottori, Shizuoka, and Hokkaido. The committee will enhance the technology with technical supports from each company toward the practical use of transmission main shaft before March, 2005.
Utilizing the basic technology of the new forming, Kubota started the supply of small transmission gears to Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.(Tokyo) in early July, and also plan to sell the new technology to the industries such as aircraft, shipping, and agricultural machines which have been using transmissions. Mr. Shigeki Yamanaka, Director of Kubota, who is a representative of the committee, emphasizes that it is a survival measure for domestic industries to enhance the technologies in order to confront China with lower labor cost, and this new technology will enable application to various fields other than that of automotive components.


External appearance and Section of transmission main shaft with different hollow steps, which were formed by new forming technology
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