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Shimane Kubota Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Business activity Cutting, assembling etc. of automotive component
-Cutting and assembling of vital parts such as linkages, ball joints,lower arms, and sockets.
-Cutting of pinion housings, shift forks,thermo-cover clutch levers etc.
Location 2351-1, Uyagawa-cho, Goutsu-city, Shimane-prefecture
Contact TEL 0855-53-0514
FAX 0855-53-0338
2002(November) ISO 9001/JIS Q9001 certified
Main Facilities
Facilities Units Facilities Units
Machining center 19 Bench drilling machine 65
NC lathe 14 Single function machine 72
NC milling machine 4 Coordinate measuring machine 1
NC drilling machine 8 Profile measuring machine 1
NC single function machine 12 Roughness measuring machine 1
Screw rolling machine 3 Universal tester 1
Assembly tooling 22 Other special equipment 65
Total 288
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