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Shimane Kubota Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Company profile
Trade name Shimane Kubota Iron Works. Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Taisuke Kubota
Location 2351-1, Uyagawa-cho, Goutsu-city. Shimane-prefecture
TEL : 0855-(53)-0514
FAX : 0855-(53)-0338
E-mail : kubotatk@mocha.ocn.ne.jp
Capital 10 Mil yen
Establishment May, 1972
Business activity Cutting, assembling etc. of automotive components
-Cutting and assembling of vital parts such as linkages, ball joints, lower arms, and sockets.
-Cutting of pinion housings, shift forks, thermo-cover clutch levers etc.
Main customers Kubota Iron Works Co., Ltd.
THK Rhythm Co., Ltd.
Fuji Kouatsu Flexible Horse Co., Ltd.
Sanen Kizai Co., Ltd.
Plant aerial view
Company history
1972 (May) The company was established.
1980 (August) Started business with TRW Automotive Japan Corporation(TAJ).
1988 (July) Expanded the plant (by 1980)
1993 (September) Started business with Fuji Kouatsu Flexible Horse Co., Ltd
1998 (May) Expanded the plant(660) and started the assembly of linkages. ball joints etc.
2002 (November) Obtained ISO 9001:2000
Land area21.193
Building area4,931
Main facilities
Facilities Units Facilities Units
Machining center 19 Bench drilling machine 65
NC lathe 14 Single function machine 72
NC milling machine 4 Coordinate measuring machine 1
NC drilling machine 8 Profile measuring machine 1
NC single function machine 12 Roughness measuring machine 1
Screw rolling machine 3 Universal tester 1
Assembly tooling 22 Other special equipment 65
Total 288
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