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UK Co., Ltd.
Business activity Production & sales of cold foring products,Commissioned production of bonderizing treatment
 Head office

1-6-1, Nakano, Aki-ku, Hiroshima-city

 Plant · Kamikawa plant (Die manufacturing plant)
  199-1, Kumando, Kamikawa-cho, Kodama-gun, Saitama-prefecture
· Tamamura plant (Cold forging plant)
  418-7, Higoshi, Tamamura-cho, Saha-gun, Gunma-prefecture
Contact TEL : 0495-77-3971
FAX : 0495-77-5216
Saitama plant Gunma plant
  Develop the Hollow cold forging technology by using 5-axis hydraulic press
(Die height:1,500 mm、Stroke:600 mm).
  By 3D forming simulation analysis(DEFORM), it is possible to evaluate the optimal process.
CAD及び成形シミュレーション 成形シミュレーション解析例 成形シミュレーション解析例
CAD and Forming simulation Forming simulation
Heat treatment
experimental apparatus
Production facility
  We also accept the order of only bonderizing treatment(*).
630 ton knuckle press
630ton Knuckle press machine
600ton Double action hydraulic press machine
400ton Knuckle press machine
250ton Knuckle press machine
200ton Crank press machine
Lubricating (bonderizing) treatment facility
2 units
1 unit
1 unit
2 units
1 unit
1 unit
    Bonderizing treatment facility
*Bonderizing treatment : Process to bond solid lubrication coat before cold forging.
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