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We have proved successful performances in the development of water pumps and we can propose drastic cost reduction with new materials and advanced manufacturing technologies. Furthermore, by utilizing our advanced manufacturing processing & assembling technologies and original system facility, we can produce products with excellent quality and low-cost.
Campany belief
Takashi Kubota
Our aim is to contribute to society with ingenuity and unity.
Head office
Kurose plant  
Shimane Plant 
kanto plant kanto plant Thailand
Kanto plant
Kubota Iron Works(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Company prifile
Trade name Kubota Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Foundation April, 1938
Capital 30 Mil Yen
President Takashi Kubota
Business activity Automotive component manufacturing
Location Head office
1-6-1, Nakano, Aki-ku, Hiroshima city, Hiroshima, 739-0321, Japan
TEL : 082-893-1121
FAX : 082-893-1214
Kurose plant
2220, Nomio, Kurose-cho, Higashi Hiroshima city, Hiroshima-prefecture

Kanto Plant
200-7, Motohara, Kamikawa-cho, Kodama-gun,Saitama-Pref., Japan.

Shimane Plant
2351-1, Uyagawa-cho, Goutsu-city.
Employees 310
Affiliated company Kubota Iron Works(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Company history
1938 (April) Mr. Taiichi Kubota founded a private company and engaged in precision machine manufacturing as an outside supplier for Kure Naval Arsenal, Hikari Naval Arsenal and The Japan Steel Works Ltd. (Hiroshima)
1945 (Post War) Started manufacturing & sales of confectionery manufacturing machines, food processing machines, and toy products.
1949 Started business with Mazda Motor Corporation, engaging in manufacturing & assembling of automotive components such as water pumps, transmission parts, and axle parts.
1958 (December) Incorporated as a joint-stock company with sales expansion.
(Representative director-Mr. Taiichi Kubota)
1972 (July) Established Shimane Kubota Iron Works Co., Ltd. as an affiliated company.
1975 (September) Mr. Yoshiki Kubota took office as Representative director.
1991 (November) Kurose plant has been established.
2001 (April) Obtained QS-9000/ISO-9001.(Head office)
2003 (March) Obtained ISO-14001.(Head office)
2006 (November) Obtained TS-16949.(Head office)
2008 (September) Mr.Takashi Kubota has become the president and representative director.
2008 (November) Received the Scientific Technology Award of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2009.
2012 (April) Established Thai Factory : Kubota Iron Works(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
2015 (October) Obtained ISO-9001 certificate(Kurose factory)
2016 (May) Obtained TS-16949 certificate(Kubota Iron Works (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)
2016 (December) Obtained ISO-14001 certificate(Kubota Iron Works (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)
2017 (November) Obtained IATF-16949 certificate(Head office)
2018 (May) Obtained IATF-16949 (Kubota Iron Works (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)
2019 (August) Shimane Kubota Iron Works was merged with Kubota Iron Works Co.,Ltd.
The capital was increased to 30million yen.
2020 (February) Obtained ISO-9001 (Kanto Factory)
2020 (February) Awarded "The Prize of Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry" of the 8th "Japan Manufacturing Award"
2020 (October) Chosen as a "Regional future leading company " by METI
Sales transition
Sales transition in past 5 years
Sales per product (in 2021)
Main customers
Mazda Motor Corporation
NTN Corporation
GKN Drive Line Japan Corporation
Aichi Machine Industry Corporation
THK Rhythm Co., Ltd.
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